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Building relationships with organizations is important to the Spirit Foundation. We provide support to select community-based organisations in two ways. Firstly, we seek out partnerships that extend over 3-5 years to deliver meaningful impact into the communities under agreed upon conditions. We acknowledge the important work done by these organizations. Secondly, we give with charity in mind. We support organisations that provide important services to communities and do so because we recognise the value they contribute to society. These are organizations that share our vision of changing the lives of those most marginalised.

The Everton Free School

Everton Free School (EFC) is another first for Everton Football Club, offering alternative educational opportunities and experiences of the highest quality to young people aged 14-16, and Level 2 and 3 sport courses to post-16 students.
Young scholars are encouraged to grow and develop as independent, responsible and creative young people with a lifelong interest in learning. The school takes account of today’s social, economic and environmental pressures and develops a rounded curriculum and learning experience to provide scholars with the means to be successful people in the modern and ever-changing world.
As well as promoting the importance of the traditional 3 Rs: Respect, Responsibility and Resilience, the EFS provides a truly unique learning environment for young scholars empowering them to be well-rounded and successful members of society.
SEF is proud to contribute to and celebrate the successes of this unique educational gem!

If you identify with these values and the objectives of strengthening vulnerable communities, please consider supporting the Spirit Community Foundation by making a donation 100% of which will go to assisting community projects on the ground.

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