• The Spirit Foundation is a non-profit foundation established by the Kilbride family to give back and support education, communities, and wildlife projects.

  • “I have seen more natural talent, humility and ability in African scholars than I have in many English private schools.”

    Ian Kilbride

  • “If I am ever asked, ‘So what can I do?’ I answer, ‘Just go out and do some good’, because that is all we can ever hope to achieve!”

    Ian Kilbride
  • “When you have held a baby rhino in your arms, felt her pain and endured her sadness, something deep inside of you changes.”

    Jooles Kilbride


    Established by the  Kilbride family in the last decade of the twentieth century, the Spirit Foundation provides a platform for the family and others to support the three unique charitable foundations operating under the umbrella of the Spirit Foundation.

    The Spirit Foundation (our overarching foundation) has established an enviable track-record over the past thirty years by assisting worthy causes that have impacted positively and meaningfully on the lives and causes it has identified for assistance.

    The first of these underlying foundations is the ‘Spirit Education Foundation’ (SEF), which educates scholars from previously disadvantaged communities  throughout their entire high school education.

    The second underlying foundation is the ‘Spirit Community Foundation’ (SCF).  This foundation houses all other areas supported by the Spirit Foundation  other than education and wildlife conservation.  The individual stories of the numerous worthy causes that have benefited from the Spirit Community Foundation are set out in more detail below.

    The third underlying foundation is the ‘Spirit Wildlife Foundation’ (SWF).  This foundation supports the rescue and rehabilitation of endangered animal species and is particularly committed to the care of orphaned rhinos.  The Spirit Wildlife Foundation works with some of the world’s most respected professionals within the highly-challenging rescue and rehabilitation arena.

    The history of the Spirit Foundation is traced to a small industrial town, situated within the English county of Lancashire.  With a proud working-class background, the Kilbride family were fortunate enough, via hard work, good luck and grace to be able to assist others less fortunate than themselves.  From an early age, Ian Kilbride was exposed to the good works introduced to him by his Father, such as Rotary and Free Masonry, as well as the support provided to local schools and homes for the mentally and physically disabled.

    The Spirit Education Foundation (SEF), educates scholars from historically disadvantaged communities, throughout their high school education.

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    The Spirit Community Foundation (SCF) houses a number of worthy causes supported by the Spirit Foundation.

    The Spirit Wildlife Foundation (SWF) supports the rescue and rehabilitation of endangered animal species and is particularly committed to the care of orphaned rhinos.

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