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About Spirit Wildlife Foundation

Established by the Kilbride family, the Spirit Wildlife Foundation exists for one important purpose: to contribute effectively to the survival and sustainability of Africa’s endangered species.

The Spirit Wildlife Foundation is passionate about elephant, rhino and lion conservation and is committed to the preservation and sustainability of this iconic species. To allow their extinction would be to lose the heart and soul of Africa. We must act now and we must act decisively. We must win the war against elephant, rhino and lion poaching for this generation, for our children’s generation and for all future generations, not just in Africa.

The Spirit Wildlife Foundation raises and distributes monies that go directly to deserving projects that have a clear and demonstrable track-record of effective wildlife conservation in Africa.  The foundation is a non-partisan, non-political, non-profit organisation through which all monies are channeled to existing wildlife conservation projects.

All of this means that Spirit Wildlife Foundation is not an office-bound organisation. It is focused on being up close and personal and making a measurable difference. Yet, as committed as the Spirit Wildlife Foundation is to its vision of African wildlife sustainability, to be successful it needs partners and funding.

Spirit Wildlife Foundation commits to: Raise awareness of the scourge of poaching, and the importance of conservation and sustainability through its extensive personal networks and electronic platforms.

Wildlife Involvement

Building relationships with organisations is important to the Spirit Wildlife Foundation. We walk alongside the selected organisations in two ways.  We acknowledge the important work done by these organisations. Secondly, we work with organisations that give back to wildlife and we do so because we recognise the value they contribute to South Africa and our blessed Wildlife.

Care 4 Wild

The Care 4 Wild sanctuary was founded by Petronel Nieuwoudt in 2001. The Spirit Wildlife Foundation sponsors a crash of 12 rhinos, along with two very special friends (The Fab 4:  Grey, Lilli, Spirit and Jemu / The Special Ones:  Zac, Goose and Bokkie, Daisy and Mojadju / Mom’s, Babies and Storm, Wyntir and Blizzy, River and Pebble and Storm) pictured here. Together, they constitute a truly unique African wildlife family, sharing a common bond of having survived unspeakable cruelty.

Global White Lion Protection Trust

The Global White Lion Protection Trust was founded by Linda Tucker in 2001. After a decade conducting detailed research on the ecological and cultural importance of the White Lion, this pioneering community-based organisation has developed a long and enviable track-record of combining indigenous knowledge and modern science to help save this iconic species.

The Spirit Wildlife Foundation has generously committed to sponsoring 15 Days of Freedom per month to one of the magnificent White Lions, Assegaia, under the Trust’s care.

Elephant’s Alive​

The Elephants Alive sancturary was founded in 1997.  Having studied and protected southern Africa’s elephants for a quarter of a century, Elephants Alive’s research contributes toward ensuring the survival of elephant, their habitats and critically, ensuring the harmonious coexistence between elephant and people.

The Spirit Wildlife Foundation has committed to sponsor five magnificent, wild-spirited, elephants Intwandamela, Swazi, Trailblazer, Summer and Lotter on a monthly basis.

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