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Spirit Foundation

Spirit Foundation

The Spirit Foundation has established an enviable track-record over the past thirty years by assisting worthy causes that have impacted positively within education, communities and wildlife. The Spirit Foundation is an impeccably well-governed, transparent and accountable national asset that ensures that 100% of all contributions go directly to the identified beneficiaries. In so doing we provide donors and supporters with both the satisfaction of contributing to your chosen worthy cause, but also the peace of mind that your donation is directly reaching your intended beneficiary.

Your donation makes a material and lasting difference to your intended beneficiary and we believe nothing could be more rewarding in life than this.

If you believe in the vision and the value of the work of the Spirit Foundation and would like to help us fund and support these important initiatives, please make contact with us by clicking on the below contact button. We’d love to hear from you!  

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Spirit Education Foundation

Donations of more than R100 per annum make you eligible to receive a Section 18A certificate enabling you to claim a deduction from personal or corporate taxable income. Donor deductability applies to cash donations, bequests as well as donations in kind.

Request a donation in your name or donate a unique Gift on somebody else’s behalf, where the gift itself will add value beyond the occasion and gift recipient. Spirit Education Foundation is registered with the Department of Social Development as a Non-Profit Organisation.

NPO number: 035-228

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Spirit Wildlife Foundation

Show your support and join the crash!

We have all seen the devastating images of rhino slaughtered by poachers as part of a global chain and network of the illicit and illegal trade in rhino horn. After the slaughter, all that is left is a denuded carcass and all too often the sight of a traumatised and orphaned calf.

While rhino horn has no medicinal or intrinsic value, its trade and consumption forms part of a global web of excess, corruption, money laundering, violence, exploitation, and dependency. The net effect is that while international syndicates, accumulate unimaginable wealth from the sale of rhino horn, local African communities are drawn into webs of criminality and the species is threatened with extinction.

We are committed to their conservation but we need partners and we need funding. We need you.

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Spirit Community Foundation

If you believe in the vision and the value of the work of the Spirit Community Foundation and would like to help us fund the support these important initiatves, here is how you can do so:

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100% of the contributions received by our foundations go directly to the projects and beneficiaries we support.