International Community Foundation


Building sustainable relationships with organisations is vitally important to the Spirit Foundation. We provide support to select community-based organisations in two ways: Firstly, we seek partnerships that extend over 3-5 years to deliver meaningful impact within identified communities in accordance with within agreed conditions and parameters. Our mode of operation is to partner with the identified organisations in order to enhance the impact their work has among their communities. Secondly, we give with charity in mind. We support organisations that provide important services to communities and do so because we recognise the value they contribute to society. These are organisations that share our fundamental belief in a shared humanity and the power of community in enhancing the potential of all who reside in it. We also know from experience, that a worthy community project is one that ‘gives back’ to their own communities, thereby creating a sustainable and virtuous circle.

Everton in the Community

Everton in the Community works in partnership with many individuals and organisations on a local, national and international level.

Through the use of a comprehensive variety of sporting and social opportunities, Everton in the Community believes that:
‘Through the positive promotion of sport, physical activity and the brand of Everton Football Club, we are committed to providing high quality, accessible participant and development opportunities that positively change lives and bring enjoyment to our communities.’

Our Stories

If you identify with these values and the objectives of strengthening vulnerable communities, please consider supporting the Spirit Community Foundation by making a donation 100% of which will go to assisting community projects on the ground. Better communities make better people, make better countries!