Throughout her pregnancy Anushka had great expectations for her unborn child. Like most parents she never anticipated her baby being diagnosed with an impairment. Her daughter Azrah was born in 2017. At the age of 2 months Azrah experienced seizures and Anushka received news from the doctor that would change her life forever. Azrah was diagnosed with Cortical Visual Impairment and the condition would be permanent. The doctor processed the referral to LOFOB’s Early Childhood Development (ECD) service, and the family were called in for assessment with the Occupational Therapist and Social Worker. *

For the next two years LOFOB provided the family with home support programs aimed at ensuring Azrah’s optimal development by providing her parents with the counselling, education, and training on Azrah’s needs. Despite the challenges, including being a young mother, unemployed at the time, Anushka was actively involved, remained positive, and followed through on LOFOB’s recommendations. In 2020 she took the next step and applied to have Azrah enrolled in LOFOB’s preschool. Azrah’s daily program at LOFOB includes education support; braille; orientation and mobility; play therapy; and daily living skills development. Her Teacher recounts the once quiet little girl to be friendly and outspoken; observant and curious; with a confident determination to achieve all she sets her mind to. This year Azrah completes her final preschool year at LOFOB as the team prepares her for successful entry into primary schooling.

*LOFOB is the only service provider in the Western Cape supporting the unique needs of blind and visually impaired children from birth. Services are provided at no cost to our families who are mostly reliant on state social support grants.