Zac Update

We are very happy to again report that Zac is doing well. There are again significant improvements to his mobility and activity levels! His revised programme of nutritional supplements is really helping. Zac was even observed trotting whilst playing with his friend Kai. With the colder weather approaching and morning temperatures already dropping to below 9 degrees, caregivers are keeping a close eye on Zac as the cold can aggravate old injuries. Zac and Kai return to the bomas in the evening to sleep under the shelters and keep warm.

During the day, Zac and Kai spend time with Dianna, Benji, Willow and the new arrival, Solana. Zac has accepted Solana as part of his daytime crash but lets Kai keep her busy with play. As a slightly older rhino and one who is very comfortable with his routine, the energy of the youngsters can sometimes leave him a bit grumpy!