A Journey of Hope and Progress

As the sun sets over the savannah, a new chapter unfolds in the world of carnivore conservation. The Spirit Foundation’s unwavering support had brought us to the threshold of a groundbreaking era, where multiple bomas would soon be home to a diverse array of animals. The excitement is palpable as we prepare to welcome new residents to these state-of-the-art facilities.


Early in the month, we made the bittersweet decision to relocate two male wild dogs from the ‘Serengeti’ boma to the newly completed ‘Boulders’ boma. The boys settled in quickly, and their enthusiasm for their new swimming pool was contagious. However, their time with us was limited, as they were destined for a new home in KwaZulu- Natal, where they would join a female wild dog. Though we were sad to see them go, we are also eager to see them thrive in the wild.


The completion of ‘Boulders’ and ‘Serengeti’ bomas could not have come at a more critical time. Spirit Foundation Chairman, Ian Kilbride, witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by farmers in the province, who sometimes  resort to killing leopards to protect their livestock. We understood their plight and offered a humane solution, working to catch and rehome the leopards. However, the sheer number of complaints made it difficult, and the CITES restrictions on rehousing leopards in other African countries meant we had to find alternative solutions.


Our pre-existing leopard complex was already full, housing four leopards, and we had six traps set up in the province to capture more. Despite the legislative battle we faced with the authorities, we could rest assured that the leopards would be in excellent facilities, thanks to the Spirit Foundation’s support.


As we look to the future, we know that the coming months will be marked by significant changes. The updates will shift from tracking the progress of the bomas to introducing the animals that would call these facilities home. It is an exciting time, filled with hope and anticipation. The Spirit Foundation’s unwavering commitment to carnivore conservation had brought us to this moment, and we were grateful for their support. This story highlights the progress made in carnivore conservation, particularly the completion of new bomas and the relocation of wild dogs. It also touches on the challenges faced by farmers and the need for humane solutions to protect both humans and animals. The story emphasises the importance of the Spirit Foundation’s support in enabling the conservation efforts and the hope for a brighter future for these animals.