White Lion Trust

The original heartlands of the White Lions is an ancient sacred site, declared protected by African kings for many hundreds of years before South Africa’s National Park was designated. This sacred site is called Tsau, meaning ‘StarLion’. It is here, in the epicentre of the Kruger to Canyons (a UNESCO biosphere region) that the Global White Lion Protection Trust has secured approximately 8,000 acres of wilderness heritage lands – which heartlands are sadly surrounded by high-spec, predator-proof fencing to ensure the lions’ protection, since beyond our borders legalised commercial trophy hunting of lions still occurs. In White Lion territories, we measure value in Days of Freedom: essentially what it costs our non-profit organisation to ensure the freedom and safety of each of our lions every day, free-roaming in the heart of their Protected Area, as is their nature-given right. Consider supporting the Global White Lion Trust as One Day of Freedom costs (conservatively): US $85 (R1300)