Upper Lisbeek River Garden: Autumn’s Enchanting Arrival: A Gardener’s Delight

As the calendar turns to May, we eagerly welcome the arrival of the autumn season. This transition ushers in a delightful shift in our gardening routine, filled with anticipation and excitement. The drop in temperatures signals the perfect time to start planting, allowing the winter rains to nourish and establish strong root systems for our new additions. It’s a season of transformation, as we witness the vibrant leaves changing colour, painting the landscape with a breathtaking palette. But the true magic lies in the burst of floral displays that grace our gardens. The dependable Hypoestes, Barleria, and Strelitzia come alive, showcasing their stunning blooms and adding a touch of enchantment to our outdoor oasis. This is the time of year when we can truly revel in the beauty of nature’s rhythms. As the weather cools and the rains begin to fall, we find ourselves drawn to the soothing serenity of our gardens, eager to nurture the new life that emerges. So, let us embrace the enchanting arrival of autumn, rolling up our sleeves and diving into the joyful task of planting and tending to our green haven. With each new bloom and vibrant leaf, we celebrate the ever-changing tapestry of the seasons, finding solace and inspiration in the natural world around us.