Upper Liesbeek River

It is remarkable to record that during the past 18 years, we have planted more than 250 indigenous trees at the Upper Liesbeek River Garden (ULRG). This, of course, provides us with the consequential challenge of maintaining and pruning the trees. So, during the past six months, many trees in the ULRG have been shaped and pruned. During this time hundreds of alien Black Alders have been removed and these have been replaced with these indigenous riverine trees. The steep banks of the ULRG need constant monitoring and stabilizing with logs and rocks and much this has been done this year in preparation for the winter rains and to avoid possible erosion damage. Through the support of the Spirit Community Foundation, ULRG has recently bought a load of wood chips and most of the paths have been re-chipped and more will be done in the months ahead. All this endevour highlights the need for constant maintenance and this is the focus this year. But maintenance needs funds and this is why we are so grateful to Spirit Community Foundation for their invaluable contribution and support.