ULRG: Green Savings and Garden Fun: Propagating Plants for a Thrifty Touch

Who says gardening can’t be both a blast and cost-effective? At the Upper Liesbeek River Garden, we’ve got a nifty trick up our sleeves to save on plant costs while having a great time – propagating cuttings from our existing plants right in our onsite Nursery! As autumn paints our surroundings with its magical hues, we seize the opportunity in May to kick off the transplanting process. It’s the perfect time to nurture these cuttings and watch them flourish into new additions to our green family. But wait, there’s more! Once our Nursery sees a bit of breathing room, as our propagated plants find their new homes, we turn the spotlight on the area itself. It’s weeding time! We roll up our sleeves, tidy up the space, and get it spruced up for the next batch of fresh cuttings to come in for the following cycle. So, join us in this green adventure of propagation and transformation. Let’s propagate, nurture, and beautify our garden while having a jolly good time saving on costs and creating a thriving green haven right at our fingertips!