ULRG: Constantia Garden Club Visits ULRG for Guided Tour

The Constantia Garden Club members eagerly arrived at the Upper Liesbeek River Garden (ULRG) for a guided tour, excited to learn more about the diverse plant life and horticultural practices of the renowned botanical garden. The ULRG team welcomed the group warmly, eager to share their expertise and passion for the garden. As they strolled through the lush grounds, the gardeners from the Constantia club listened intently, asking questions and sharing their own gardening experiences. Together, they explored the architectural beauty of the Aloe Pluridens, marveling at their vibrant blooms that seemed to defy the chill of winter. The nectar-rich flowers attracted a flurry of butterflies, bees, and birds, delighting the visitors and highlighting the garden’s role in supporting biodiversity. Throughout the tour, the ULRG staff offered valuable tips and tricks, sharing their knowledge on plant care, soil management, and the importance of native species. Many of the Constantia gardeners were inspired, eagerly taking notes and even leaving with a few cuttings to try their hand at growing these unique plants back home. The morning was filled with camaraderie, as the two groups bonded over their shared love of gardening and appreciation for the natural world. As the Constantia club members bid farewell, they expressed their gratitude for the insightful and enjoyable experience, already looking forward to their next visit to the ULRG