Tracking Trailblazer

Trailblazer was collared in March 2022 in Mozambique by our partners on the ground (Mozambique Wildlife Alliance) together with a group of other bulls. They moved across Mozambique and through Eswatini to find themselves on the southern border of Kruger National Park, travelling over 800km after the collaring operation. After careful monitoring and tremendous effort, Trailblazer and four other bulls were translocated to safety in the northern part of Kruger by SANParks and the provincial administration.
See more about their journey showing how fragmented and problematic our landscape has become. Having elephant bulls like Trailblazer connect to the landscape is critical.
The map shows Trailblazerā€™s movements for the first couple of months since being offloaded. He has not launched himself into any adventurous journey – yet. His current movements represent a fraction of the total of 2080km home range to date. We look forward to updating you on his travels as we periodically go visit the amazing pathfinding bull, now happily residing in Kruger.
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