The White Lions: Mystery and Manifestation

‘I am beginning to feel exactly what you told me, Credo [Mutwa],’ I explained. ‘That, in following the footsteps of the White Lions, I will be led all the way up Africa to the Nile Delta, with the Sphinx and its riddle.’ 

  • Linda Tucker; Mystery of the White Lions (2001)

In her first book, Mystery of the White Lions, Linda Tucker shares not only her moving personal story, but also consolidates a decade of pioneering research into the legendary White Lions – uncovering the mysteries of the most sacred animal on the African continent, including their connection to several sacred sites that exist on what is now known as the Golden Nile Meridian.


Since founding the Global White Lion Protection Trust in 2002, Linda has dedicated her life to protecting these luminous creatures in their endemic habitat for nearly two decades after their extinction in the wild as a result of human exploitation. The Trust now manages a protected area of nearly 6000 hectares of wilderness lands in the Greater Kruger region, where their prides of integrated White and Golden Lions are thriving. Just as the wolves restored the waterways of Yellowstone Park, the reinstatement of the White Lions as apex predator in this wilderness area has resulted in the regeneration of ecosystems, and the flourishing of a myriad of fauna and flora – several species of which are threatened or endangered.

There is now an ever-growing recognition that Sacred Natural Sites across the globe are intricately connected, like organs of the body. As a leading conservation organisation, the Global White Lion Protection Trust illustrates a new model of harmonious coexistence: where nature is put first, and as a result, all life flourishes.

Watch how the White Lions regenerated their ecosystem: