The White Lion Trust

The Global White Lion Protection Trust’s pioneering ethos embraces both modern science and Indigenous knowledge: respecting and learning from both traditions, so as to promote flourishing ecosystems and human systems. In this way, the Trust promotes balance, harmony, and unification of opposites at all levels, whilst simultaneously upholding diversity and individuality.
Assegaia, whose name means “shield of stars protecting Mother Earth”, is celebrated as being a shining example of the Sacred Masculine in physical form. Despite his enormous size (he is by far the biggest of all the lions under the Global White Lion Protection Trust’s care), he is the most gentle-natured. Never far from the females in his pride, Assegaia takes his responsibility of being guardian of the Divine Feminine very seriously – often deferring to both feisty Nebu and wise Zihra, who love him equally. His tender yet strong approach to life inspires all who have the pleasure of encountering him in his ancestral territories!