The Upper Liesbeek River

The Upper Liesbeek River Garden (ULRG) is situated along both banks of the Upper Liesbeek, adjacent to the suburbs of Bishopscourt Village and Fernwood. Since 2004 it has been the residents of these two areas who have been the main financial supporters which has enabled a former public open wasteland to be rehabilitated, developed and maintained.

The focus has been on the environmental aspect which has involved the clearing of the aliens, the stabilizing of the steep banks, the planting of indigenous and water wise plants and trees and maintaining the river flow. As well as the important environmental input into the project, there are the very important security, economic, educational and social concerns. It has been the vision, hard work and perseverance of the river team which has resulted in this ‘little bit of paradise’ emerging from a wasteland.  None of this would have been achieved without the labours of the gardeners which we have employed during the past 18 years. The financial support of our residents and donors has made this possible.

We are delighted and humbled that the Spirit Foundation are helping us to continue improving and maintaining the Upper Liesbeek and its surrounds for the benefit of all.

Dr Joan R Parker
ULRG Coordinator