The Global White Lion Protection Trust

The Spirit Wildlife Foundation (SWF) is pleased to celebrate our partnership with Global White Lion Trust (WLT). WLT has a unique approach that moves beyond historical wildlife management methods and has as its vision the deep and lasting conservation transformation based on loving and respecting Mother Nature. This approach to transforming human-wildlife conflict promotes the harmonious co-existence between wildlife, land and people.
WLT recognizes that the plight of White Lions is catastrophic and requires a “heart-centered consciousness” in its advocacy, research and service to White Lion. The WLT genetic study helps to classify and protect White Lions while their monitoring and anti-poaching teams patrol the nature reserve daily. WLT habitat management ensures that both the habitat and fence lines are constantly maintained to ensure the security and well-being of the prides. WLT also provides veterinary care with qualified veterinary staff at hand. Importantly, in cases of emergency, the best lion veterinary care is obtained. Radio collars and tracking telemetry ensure that the lions’ whereabouts can be monitored at all times for safety reasons.
SWF’s contribution ensures that, in partnership with WLT, we can provide for the freedom of Assegaia (the shield of stars that protects “Mother Earther”). This emerging king has stepped up and into the giant pawprints of his predecessor, Mandla, walking straight into the heartlands.
We are proud to share in this effort to ensure the freedom of White Lion in South Africa.