The Special Ones

Daisy and Modjadji have been best friends since their arrival in the ICU, and their unique friendship has captured hearts worldwide. In the early days after their rescue, Daisy and Modjadji found comfort and companionship with each other. They remained very best friends throughout most of the next two years of rehabilitation. However, they are both distinctly different individuals, each following their own personalities and rehabilitation paths. Over time, and by their own choosing, they have gradually started to walk different paths that demand distinctly different forms of support.

Now that Daisy is older and stronger, she has begun to integrate with fellow rhino orphans, Jock and Zuri. Daisy is still learning to interpret rhino behavior and body language, she makes progress in small milestones every day, and we are extremely proud of her. Modjadji has joined an older crash of rhino orphans: Arthur the Brave’s group and the black rhinos, Phoebe, Ratu and Taro. These rhinos are able to match her energy and playfulness.

Our goal remains to witness both of these special animals integrated with their own species and seamlessly reintroduced into their natural ecosystems. Rhino rehabilitation is a more lengthy process but Modjadji will soon begin rewilding with Arthur’s group in a protected area that is home to other wildlife, including zebras!