The Fab Four Update

The end of 2022 saw Spirit, Grey, Jemu and Lilli relocated to a larger release site to continue their rewilding and reintroduction program. They are now walking in a home range of 1500ha which is shared with older rhinos including a dominant breeding bull, Baloo. Now that they have orientated themselves within their new home, and discovered the best wallows and feeding spots, these 4 rhinos are learning how to navigate the social dynamics of older crashes. It is clear that they are not too keen on the boisterous antics of the older rhinos and prefer to spend their days in locations away from this hustle and bustle. Over the coming year, we expect to see this crash of orphans gain confidence and increase their interactions with the other groups. Both Spirit and Jemu are over 6.5 years old and reaching sexual maturity; they will no doubt begin to attract the attention of Baloo very soon. We are certain that 2023 will be an interesting year for this crash.