The Fab 4

The rescue of an orphaned rhino calf is just the beginning of a very long and committed process to save a species from extinction.
The effort and dedication required is massive. The financial responsibilities are immense. In short, there is no quick fix or easy route to saving a keystone species. It requires a long-term buy-in and an exuberant amount of commitment and support from donors and sponsors such as yourselves. We are so grateful that you stand with us.

Both the rehabilitation and rewilding phases are complex and lengthy. Each comprised of small steps leading towards monumental milestones. Whilst rehabilitation prepares the calves for successful release, the rewilding and reintroduction phases actively integrate the orphans back into their natural habitat through a phased approach. There is just as much of a process to rewilding and reintroduction as there is to rehabilitation and rhinos move through these phases at different speeds.

Since their release into the Intensive Protection Zone in January 2019, Spirit, Grey, Jemu and Lilli have learnt to navigate the social dynamics of larger and older crashes as well as survive harsh winters and hot summers. Over the last three years, Rhino Monitors have kept a close watch on their condition and behaviour and believe that both Jemu and Spirit have begun to cycle. With this information, we have made the decision to move Spirit’s crash to the next phase and will soon be walking them through to the protected area currently occupied by Don and Oz. Don is showing all the signs of a dominant bull looking for females. Hopefully, these six rhinos will form their own territory and breeding population together.