The Fab 4

The arrival of winter in the reserve marks a significant phase in the rewilding journey of Spirit, Jemu, Grey, and Lilli. This crash of rhinos is experiencing their first winter in the reserve, and much like their earlier stages of rewilding, it will take time for them to fully adapt to their new environment.
As the temperature drops and the natural grazing starts to diminish, Rhino Monitors in the reserve are working tirelessly to ensure that Spirit, Jemu, Grey and Lilli have access to the nutrition they need to thrive. Additional teff and lucerne are being provided to support this group of rhinos, both during the day and night. Care for Wild, in collaboration with ecologists and nutritionists, closely monitors the rhinos’ nutrition levels to determine the right time to supplement their diets, especially for these young, growing rhinos.
As these four rhinos enter into their first reserve winter, Rhino Monitors and Caregivers will continue to closely monitor their health and behaviour. The team is taking extra care to ensure that they have everything they need to stay healthy and comfortable during the colder months.