The Fab 4

It has been just over a month since Spirit, Grey, Jemu and Lilli were relocated from the Intensive Protection Zone to the Reserve. Rhino Monitors continue to watch over them and carefully monitor their overall condition and behaviour. Whilst relocations such as this are positive steps in their rewilding and release journey, it is still a big change for a group of rhino orphans. A new environment, new rhinos, and a change in routine, all places stress upon the group. Rhino Monitors will observe and record the areas in which they like to stay, interactions with other crashes, grazing times, preferred drinking sites, and their overall body condition. As expected, Jemu and Lilli required a little extra support over the last few weeks in the form of some immune-boosting supplements and additional high-protein pellets. Both Spirit and Grey are doing very well! The Fab 4 especially like to hang out with the giraffes!