Spirit Wildlife Family

Daisy and Modjadji also received a visit from Ian Kilbride. Ian was pleasantly surprised to see just how much Daisy had grown in the last year. She is now close to 300kg and will soon reach this monumental milestone. Daisy is still receiving milk 5 times a day with her last feed at 22:00. Rhino calves drink milk until they are around 17 months old but it is possible that Daisy will continue with milk for a little longer due to her extremely compromised state on arrival.
Modjadji is no longer the small and fluffy foal from one year ago. She is becoming a very strong young zebra, with thick muscle and strong back legs that kick very hard! She is very strong, very stubborn and very protective of Daisy and her caregivers, but a handful of pellets wins her affection every time.