Spirit and Calf Update!

Spirit’s calf is now 8.5 weeks old, and we’re delighted to introduce her as “Muddy”! The process of naming a rhino can vary in terms of speed; it’s all about understanding the individual character of the rhino. Each rhino possesses its own unique
personality and quirks. In the case of Spirit’s baby, she has a very ‘earthy’ disposition! Her Mom kept her concealed in dense bush for long after the birth. She loves playing in the dust and leaves, and since the onset of rain, she’s taken to rolling in the mud every chance she gets.

Our dedicated Rhino Monitors maintain around-the-clock vigilance and observation of Spirit and her baby to ensure their
continued health and development. Spirit continues to receive supplementary food to support her during these early days of motherhood. Rhino Monitors report that Muddy is nursing well and is thriving under her mother’s care. While it’s taking them a bit longer to join the other rhinos, each rhino mother and calf duo has their unique timeline.