SCF partners with ULRG

The Spirit Community Foundation (SCF) partners with the Upper Liesbeek River Garden (ULRG) team to maintain and upgrade the river garden so that it remains a place of beauty where people can come together in a safe space away from the stress of their busy lives. Families love to visit and summers are especially happy times as the sound of children’s laughter rings through the air as they paddle in the clear shallow waters and discover crabs, galaxias, tadpoles and frogs.


Schools regularly visit to educate learners on the importance of caring for our natural resources and to plant the seeds of a love of nature in their young minds. The garden has also become a popular venue for taking wedding photographs and we are happy to provide a setting for such joyous occasions.


Adults are educated as they enjoy the indigenous plantings – some of the plants are labelled and from time to time the noticeboard will highlight plants currently flowering. The whole garden is water-wise and showcases what is possible without irrigation.


Overall, the garden is a green lung in an urban environment and plays a crucial role in uplifting the mental, physical and social wellbeing of all who visit.