Registration Day!

The Annual Spirit Education Foundation Registration Day and Award Ceremony was held on the 2 December 2023 at Wynberg Girls High School. The purpose of the ceremony is to acknowledge the achievements of our scholars. Awards were presented to students who demonstrated outstanding performance, dedication to their studies, and a commitment to excellence. The ceremony served as a platform to celebrate their hard work and accomplishments. It is also an important starting point for new scholars to be welcomed into the organisation in 2024.

Beyond academic success, the ceremony also recognised students for their contributions to extracurricular activities, community service and leadership. We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals who will not only excel academically, but also make meaningful contributions to society. It is an event for the scholars, their families and the community to come together and celebrate. The atmosphere was filled with pride and a sense of unity, creating lasting memories for everyone involved.

An award that everyone looks out for is the ambassador and Chairmans award. It is awarded to scholars who have shown exceptional growth, leadership development, have overcome challenges and gone above the normal call of duty to be an ambassador for the organisation.

The ambassador awards went to:

Christina Banda & Benid Vangu Mampasi – Grade Eight

Matthew Mitchell – Grade Nine

Ezriela Tauber- Grade Ten

Dylan Andrews – Grade Eleven

In recognition of an individual whose dedication to community service and justice transcends the ordinary, we proudly presented the Chairman’s Award to Brandi Ryland. This award honours a beacon of compassion and an advocate for social change, and someone whose tireless efforts have left an enduring mark on the community. She has channelled her passion for justice into transformative initiatives with a focus on children and youth rights. From spearheading empowerment programmes to advocating for the underserved, her impact extends far beyond the expected. Her continued commitment and dedication to the mentorship programme with SEF and in her school have allowed her to create a network of stakeholders that will forever be part of her journey. Brandi is always the first to respond to SEF events and mostly with a resounding YES. She has understood the value in the network of people and has an ability to learn from everyone, is always open to improving herself and willing to impart wisdom to others.

The event featured guest speaker, Dr Cyrill Walters, who shared her insights and motivated the scholars to continue pursuing their goals. Her stories of overcoming challenges and achieving success resonated with both the students and the parents, reinforcing the importance of perseverance and resilience. She inspired scholars with the places she has visited and what it takes to get the stamps in your passport.

2024, is not just another year for SEF, it is a monumental year of growth as the Foundation turns 30 years. It celebrates sustainability, impact, and legacy. None of this is possible without our Alumni, donors, scholars, and parents/guardians. The year of the pearl will celebrate the journey of 30 years during which this organisation has flourished.