Moms and Babies

Care for Wild recently carried out a large-scale horn-trimming operation aimed at improving the protection and security of the rhinos under our care. Among the rhinos that underwent the procedure were Wyntir and River, who had their horns trimmed for the first time since giving birth, and Blizzy and Pebble, who underwent their very first horn trimming.

Horn trimming is a tightly regulated process that requires qualified and registered veterinarians to safely remove a portion of a rhino’s horn to deter poaching attempts. During the operation, a significant number of rhinos were darted and immobilized from both the ground and air. The Care for Wild team was supported by a team of registered veterinarians, as well as, SANParks, and MTPA.

Both Wyntir and River were darted with their calves to minimise stress. During the horn trimming operation, Blizzy was weighed and is 588kg! Pebble was unable to be weighed due to the location in which he and River were darted. In addition to the horn trimming, both Moms and calves received vaccinations and vitamin supplements as an extra measure of support. The operation was carried out with precision and care and was a testament to the collaborative efforts of all parties involved in enhancing the protection and conservation of these magnificent animals.