Meet the Fab Five

Being able to tell each of the rhinos apart is extremely important when monitoring. Each rhino has their own unique microchip number but this can only be read using a scanner. It is therefore very important that we can also visually identify who is who.

Most people think that all the rhinos look alike, but to us, each rhino has their own unique look and personality. There are some obvious features that some of rhinos possess that makes them easy to identify. For instance Arthur has a distinctive scar, Blossom is missing her tail and Wyntir is missing her ears. But what about the other rhinos? How do the Caregivers and Rhino Monitors identify Zac, Spirit, Grey, Jemu and Lilli? In this months’ update we will show you how Care for Wild staff identify these rhinos.


Despite Spirit’s rollercoaster road during rehabilitation, she is thriving in the Intensive Protection Zone and is the largest female in her crash of 4. She has developed a very broad face and staff also use her ears to help identify her. They are very symmetrical, very pointy and have minimal fluff! Spirit is nearly always found close to Lilli.


Lilli is one of the easiest rhinos to identify in the Intensive Protection Zone because she is the youngest and the smallest. But she is growing up fast and so we also use her ears to help identify her. Lilli has very oval, symmetrical ears with pointy tips and pointy fluff. Lilli is never found far away from her crash and is nearly always standing with Spirit.


Jemu is slightly smaller than Spirit. She has a thinner, longer face with incredibly pointy, fluffy ears. She always walks with her ears facing forward which further elongates her face. The muscle of the scoff (back of neck) has highly defined ridges which staff to use to help identify Jemu amongst the others. Jemu is a quiet and sweet natured rhino.


Grey is particularly easy to identify. He is the largest of the crash and the only bull in this group. He has very unique ears which we all look out for amongst all the other rhinos. Both of this ears have exceptionally crinkled edges with long, extended tips. He is not yet interested in the displays of dominance shown by the older bulls but this will develop as he gets older.


Zac has a very short but broad head with a wide second horn base. His right ear is slightly different to his left and the left is a little more fluffy. Zac has a slow deliberate pace and loves his food! He is gentle, loving and affectionate and very good with guiding the younger orphans.