Matric Celebration

The Matric class of 2021 have endured, thrived, and excelled in overcoming some tough educational challenges. With multiple uncertainties in the past 2 years and disruptions during the final examination preparations we are proud of their achievements. 

The newest group of graduates joining the Spirit Education Foundation Alumni Society are our 12 matriculants of 2021. With a 100% pass rate, 11 bachelor’s passes and an astounding total of 25 individual subject distinctions among them and one scholar achieving 100% in History, we really could not be prouder. They have taken on their education careers with confidence, resilience and determination. They have proven to themselves that they are able to achieve beyond what they put their minds to. We wish them every success in the road ahead. With fields of study such as, Medicine, BCom Accounting, BCom Information Systems, BA Politics and Law, BSc, Psychology, Teaching and Marketing and advertising to name but a few, this is indeed an incredibly bunch with most promising futures ahead. We have no doubt that this group of young leaders will indeed impact their families and greater communities and that this impact will extend for generations to come. 

We were fortunate to celebrate this wonderful group of learners on the 9th of December at our Annual Matric ceremony. We welcome each one of them into the Alumni society and got commend them on their journeys, future goals and aspirations. A beautiful garden setting, a hidden gem in Constantia hosted a lovely lunch for the scholars. A calm and tranquil way to end such a busy year.