Lilli, Grey, and Jemu

Lilli, Grey, and Jemu are yet to be reunited with Spirit and Muddy. Our dedicated Rhino Monitors have observed that they’ve
relocated to the opposite side of the reserve. This shift is primarily driven by the ongoing competition between Tank and Baloo which has resulted in Lilli and Jemu seeking a quieter life, away from these displays of dominance. They frequently seek the companionship of other females in the area too. Manji has now left their company.

Grey, on the other hand, is displaying a different behavior. He’s showing a keen interest in establishing his own dominance, and data from his collar tracking indicates that he’s been closely following different females, aside from Lilli and Jemu. Despite being smaller than Tank and Baloo, Grey is exhibiting all the signs of an emerging dominant bull. (photos taken from the Rhino Monitor tablets via EarthRanger)