Intwandamela Update

Intwandamela is a majestic prime bull the team has had the privilege to monitor around the clock since 2005. The long-term dataset generated by this bull’s movements, one of the very few datasets covering 15 consecutive years on African elephants, allows us to show, for example, how movements fluctuate as bulls mature. In the maps below, we used time-sensitive home range analysis as an illustration to compare years. The green zones are Intwandamela’s preferred areas which stay similar throughout time, whereas the orange areas are dictated by seasonal water, resource and reproductive opportunities. The maps for the last three years depict how Intwandamela’s home range has decreased over time. He mainly resides in Timbavati, which likely is the place of his birth. Intwandamela is registered as an Emerging Tusker with the Kruger National Park. Please help Spirit Wildlife Foundation preserve Intwandamela’s freedom by making us one of your beneficiaries, ask us how?