HearinAfrica: Empowering Hearing Health: A Resounding Success

In April, we hosted two impactful hearing screenings at the Wynberg Library and Grassy Park, providing free tests to 19 individuals. The results were eye-opening, as 13 of these participants presented with hearing loss. Through our comprehensive approach, we were able to refer these patients for further diagnostic assessments. Despite challenges, we are proud to have fitted four patients with hearing aids free of charge. Additionally, the screening and diagnostic processes have revealed that six people require medical intervention, either for wax removal or management by an ENT specialist. The funding provided by the Spirit Community Foundation has been instrumental in allowing us to extend our services to a vulnerable population, offering them guidance, referrals, and the opportunity to improve their quality of life. This support has brought immense relief to those we serve, knowing that they are being cared for and empowered to address their hearing health needs.