Hear in Africa

Mrs Marlene Adams is 67 years old, lived in Cape Town her whole life and is a mother of two and grand mother of four. She attended the Hear in Africa screening day after experiencing hearing loss since she was young girl. Mrs Adams has a family history of hearing loss, as well as ear infections as a teenager and noise exposure from working in a factory to support herself and her children. She grew up in poverty and sacrificed every day to provide a better future for her children. She was always independent and no matter the circumstances, she maintained a positive attitude. Her motto throughout the course of her life was, “you can achieve anything”.
With the assistance from the Spirit Foundation, Mrs Adams was able to attend a comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment and was fitted with a hearing aid. She now has a new appreciation for sound. “I can now actually hear the water gushing while washing dishes, it’s a new experience”. The hearing aids have allowed her the freedom to go anywhere and communicate easily.