Hear In Africa: Patricia Schutters

Ms Patricia Schutters was born in the Cape Town southern suburb of Wynberg in 1943. She had three sisters and one brother. They were all raised by their mother. Mrs Schutters attended school until grade eight. She had to leave prematurely to work and provide an income for her family. She worked as a seamstress in a factory for the Steinhoff group until her 60s. She was a specialised seamstress and even after she retired, she was called back to do some part-time work. While working extremely hard, Mrs Schutters gave birth to a son whom she raised and supported. Indeed, she has always been an independent woman. In her late 60s, Mrs Schutters experienced heart problems and had a pacemaker inserted. At the age of 74, her hearing also started deteriorating and she would rely on facial expression to communicate. She would also often ask for repetition of words and conversations which made her feel embarrassed and humiliated. Thanks to the Spirit Community Foundation for funding our services, Mrs Schutters has been fitted with a hearing aid and now looks forward to communicate confidently with those around her.