Hear in Africa

April has been an exciting and memorable month for the HearInAfrica team and the Spirit Community Foundation as we continued our services in Grassy Park, as well as the implementation of a new community clinic in Wynberg. Digital and printed flyers were distributed widely during March. Safoora, our audiologist on the ground, was able to make contact with a lady who sold bus tickets in Wynberg and she offered to distribute flyers to local bus drivers (some of whom subsequently offered to post the flyers in their buses!) and bus commuters. This exercise proved to be extremely successful as it resulted in 48 new patients making bookings for a free screening appointment in Wynberg during April. The Wynberg community clinic is based at Dr Arifah Roomaney’s GP practice, located on Brisbane Road, Wynberg. Besides the 48 patients who were booked in Wynberg, we hosted another fully booked day of hearing screening for 22 patients at the Grassy Park Mosque. During the past month we were able to offer free hearing screening appointments for 70 patients.