Hear In Africa

Jameela Bray, a young-at-heart 81-year-old lady attended HearinAfrica’s free community hearing screening day in Grassy Park after seeing the advert in the Grassy Park Mosque window. She was identified with hearing loss and was provided with further diagnostic hearing testing. The information obtained from the diagnostic hearing test guided us to fit Mrs Bray with a hearing aid.

Mrs Bray was born and lived her life in Grassy Park. She grew up with her parents and four siblings. After completing high school, she started working for a medical aid company. She enjoyed working, and only retired after turning 50 years old. Mrs Bray married in the 1960s and had three children. She now has nine grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Mrs Bray currently lives with her children and grandchildren and loves every moment of being together. She is an independent woman who loves to socialise with friends and travel with her family.

Living with hearing loss significantly impacted Mrs Bray’s communication with her family. Now that she is fitted with a hearing aid, she loves going out with company and enjoys the blessings of life. She lives life to the fullest and enjoys being a tourist in her own city.  Thank you, Spirit Foundation for allowing individuals like Mrs Bray to continue to love life.