Fab Five update

October has been a month of stunning change in the bush. The first decent rains of the summer have turned the yellowy / brown landscape into a luminous array of green. Areas that were barren and sandy not so long ago, have transformed into lush grazing. Trees and plants have also begun to bloom. The acacia trees were the first to open their leaves providing a fresh buffet for the giraffe. The bush willow, jacket plum, common pear and wild asparagus followed soon after which is making the browsers very happy!

With a growing availability of natural food, we have slowly started to reduce the supplementary food for the Fab 5! At this time of year, we continue to give roughage in the form of teff grass which is very important. The transition in diet from baled grass to fresh grass can give rhinos (as well as other animals) colic and a loose tummy. The roughage is extremely important during this seasonal dietary transition.

Storm appears to have taken up companionship with Spirit, Grey, Jemu and Lilli. The oldest and most dominant bull is indicating that Spirit or Jemu are likely coming on heat. He is extremely protective of the crash and will not let other males comes close.

Zac is progressing well. Caregivers are continuing to give him additional supportive supplements. He has a lot more energy and is definitely a lot more active now that he has the stimulation from all of the other rhinos. He still loves a good snuggle and can be found sleeping next to Kai in the heat of the day.