Fab 5 Update

Since 2019, Care for Wild has integrated a range of different technologies to enhance our security strategy as well as collect and analyse data relating to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of the rhinos. The addition of these technological assets is part of an adaptive management plan to increase situational awareness and improve informed strategic planning and decision making.

At Care for Wild, there is a vast amount of data captured daily. Trap cameras, PTZ cameras, and CCTV footage stream directly to the Operations Centre from locations and access points throughout Care for Wild and the Protected Area. Field rangers, rhino monitors, mounted patrols and the K9 unit all actively contribute to the capturing of field data using rugged smart devices.

Important information relating to the released rhinos is captured by Rhino Monitors on tablets. Rhino Monitors record key behavioural observations relating to feeding and drinking habits, as well as reproductive behavioural indicators and health reports.

At Care for Wild, extreme emphasis is placed on the importance of data collection and record-keeping. Every rhino has its own unique file that displays this vast and varied amount of extremely important data. These records provide valuable insights into the rescue, rehabilitation and rewilding process, and historical data serves as a fantastic reference point for future cases and situations.

In the photo above, Rhino Monitor John, is recording observations on the interactions between Spirit, Grey, Jemu, Lilli and Storm. Storm has been following the crash for about a week now.