Spirit & Baby

Spirit is, without a doubt, our most elusive and secretive mother. As the first rhino cow to give birth in the larger reserve, she remains exceptionally vigilant and cautious, ever watchful for potential threats to herself and her calf. Even our dedicated Rhino Monitors, who stand guard over them 24/7, must exercise caution, avoiding any unnecessary closeness.
At this stage, she keeps her daughter away from the company of the other rhinos. It may be several weeks before she decides to introduce her to the rest of the group. In the meantime, our vigilant Rhino Monitors are supplementing Spirit’s diet with teff, Lucerne, and pellets during these early new days of motherhood.
Spirit’s baby is a bundle of
energy. She spends hours galloping and playing among the leaves, always under the watchful gaze of her protective mother. However, like any typical baby, she eventually drops in exhaustion and falls asleep instantly.

Grey, Jemu & Lilli
When Spirit gave birth, Lilli remained by her side and even tried to chase away the Rhino Monitors and Petronel! However newMoms
like to be by themselves to bond with their baby and Spirit quickly removed herself and her calf from her friends. With Spirit’s absence, the Fab 4 have become the Fab 3….or have they! Manji has been spending a considerable amount of time with this rhino trio and seems to really enjoy the company of Grey, Jemu and Lilli. Maybe Manji has found a new crash…