Educational Support for the Big Issue Kids

Mathematics class: We continue to observe the determination and dedication of our learners. Every month, significant progress is identifiable in terms of their confidence to ask questions, solve difficult sums, as well as their interaction with one another and their tutor. As we move closer to winter, it is very important that we keep our learners warm. We have introduced soup and bread tfor their lunch, which is nutritious and freshly made on the day.
Below are some comments from our learners about the Maths class:
Chelsea age 16 years; Grade 11
“The explanations are easy to understand, and the tutor makes the lessons fun!”
Lorcia age 17 years; Grade 11
“I can concentrate better in the quieter, smaller class. The tutor makes it interesting, and I get more from the lessons than at school. I have improved from a code three to a code five for Maths and my confidence has grown too.”