Protect Our Rhinos

Our suspicions that Jemu and Spirit were coming on heat were confirmed this month. Storm has been aggressively protecting the crash, making sure no other males come close and ensuring the females do not leave. His physical attention may have caused Jemu to slip and graze her back left hock, however. This small graze became a host to opportunistic bacteria that created cellulitis.
Veterinarian, Dr Chris Smith, attended to Jemu. She was darted and immobilised to properly examine the injury. The wound was thoroughly cleaned and her leg was bandaged. She was given antibiotics and pain relief and will remain under close monitoring.
Throughout the procedure, Spirit, Grey and Lilli remained close by ready to fetch their friend when she woke up. Storm caused more of a disturbance, however, being fiercely aggressive at this time and it took three horses and two vehicles to keep him at bay! Once again, we are very grateful for the dedication and diligence of the Rhino Monitors who were able to report Jemu’s injury quickly.