December update

December has challenged us more than we ever thought possible.
A devastating month for rhino populations in South Africa, we received 6 new admissions in under 5 weeks.
We witnessed the heartache of those teams who had lost rhinos.
Horrendous weather made for some of our most dangerous rescues yet.
The Intensive Care Unit was busy 24/7. Staff were exhausted and away from their families.
A heightened threat level for private reserves saw the entire APU remain on site over the festive period.

So, was it worth it?

…without a single second of hesitation, absolutely YES…

To see Spirit, Grey, Jemu, Lilli and Zac becoming the rhinos they were always supposed to be. To see them walking freely in the Intensive Protection Zone, amongst wildebeest, zebra and giraffe. To see a future for rhinos makes everything worth it.
What makes all of this possible? Commitment, dedication, sacrifice and passion of course, but most importantly, your unwavering and loyal support.

Your support means so much. We humbly thank you for the financial support but what you might not know is how much your decision to stand by us really means. To have people all over the world sending messages, love and hope, is truly inspirational.

Thank you for standing beside us in this fight to save rhinos, to save people, to save tomorrow.