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Building our Nation through Community Care

The objective of the Spirit Community Foundation (SCF) is to make a lasting and meaningful impact on communities in need, working alongside well-governed non-profits and community organisations. The SCF regularly identifies a myriad of great initiatives worthy of support and which have no reliable or ongoing partners. 

The South African Government has recognised that certain organisations are dependent upon the generosity of the public and to encourage that generosity has provided a tax deduction for certain donations made by taxpayers. As an18A Foundation, SCF is able to offer donors tax donations certificates

SCF uses  100% of all donations it receives in community project work, as The Spirit Foundation funds all costs within SCF, thereby allowing it to use all donations without any deduction or allocation for administrative costs .

Community Involvement

Building relationships with organisations is important to the Spirit Community Foundation. We walk alongside the selected community-based organisations in two ways. Firstly, we seek out partnerships that extend over 3-5 years to deliver meaningful impact into the communities under agreed-upon conditions. We acknowledge the important work done by these organizations. Secondly, we work with organisations that provide important services to communities and do so because we recognise the value they contribute to society. These are organisations that share our vision of changing the lives of those most marginalised.

Big Issue

Spirit Community Foundation (SCF) supports the Big Issue vendor Family Support Services (FSS) of the Big Issue. Together, this partnership contributes to the educational fees, provision of digital devices, learning materials and tuition for deserving children of homeless and indigent people who are Big Issue vendors. Furthermore, the partnership addresses the practical living situations of Big Issue vendors through fixing leaking roofs, broken toilets and hazardous electrical wiring, of the poor-quality RDP houses vendors live in.

Jakes Gerwel Tegnies

Spirit Community Foundation (SCF) works with the JGT Driving school in Bonnievale. The programme is geared towards ensuring as many learners as possible have the opportunity to acquire their driver’s license. SCF, in partnership with JGT, ensures that professional drivers’ license instructors are available to scholars for their training. JGT is a no-fee school, and, workign with  SCF, is able to deliver a vital service to the community.

Bonnievale 418

Spirit Community Foundation (SCF) supports the Work Readiness Programme – Work 4 A Living in the town of Bonnievale. The aim of the programme is to equip and empower people with employability and entrepreneurial skills needed to support themselves and their families. The programme addresses the obstacles of a poverty mindset, entitlement, striving for excellence, moral decay and dependency syndrome.

The League of Friends of the Blind

Spirit Foundation (SF) supports LOFOB’s Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme through ensuring the appropriate professional and occupational therapy is provided to blind and visually impaired children from birth to the age of six. The project ensures that early intervention programmes are available to promote the optimal educational, sensory processing, motor, perceptual-cognitive, independence, and orientation and mobility skills development for children. The programme focuses primarily on children in their homes, ECD centres, schools, and community facilities across the Western Cape.

Liesbeek River Project

Spirit Community Foundation (SCF) partners with  the Upper Liesbeek River Gardens in its efforts to rehabilitate, restore and maintain the area adjacent to the Upper Liesbeek river flowing through Bishopscourt Village and Fernwood. The project has been ongoing since 2004 and focuses on improving the area and educating visitors on the importance of rivers as assets to the communities through which they flow.


#HearItTogether is a proud collaboration between audiology practice HearInAfrica, hearing aid company Rexton and The Spirit Community Foundation. This community-based project aims to reduce the burden of hearing loss for adults living in Grassy Park and surrounding areas by providing free hearing screening for people over the age of 60. For those people who fail the hearing screening test and are identified with hearing loss, accessible and affordable audiology services and hearing aids are made available at local sites within Grassy Park.

SA based British Football Academy

Football is the world’s beautiful game and so the Spirit Community Foundation (SCF) is incredibly proud to support the South Africa-based, British Football Academy (British Football Academy Africa). The British Football Academy Africa serves as an empowering platform for young South African footballing talent aspiring to succeed in the world of global professional soccer. The British Football Academy Africa enjoys a network across all the English Premier League clubs and is the respected feeder channel for young South African footballing talent to enter the most prestigious league in world football. Each year the British Football Academy Africa provides 12 scholarships for young South African footballers, currently partnering with the prestigious Pinetown Boys High, to provide British Football Academy Africa scholars with a wholesome, well-rounded, safe, intellectual and sporting learning environment. Fully affiliated and regulated by the South African Footballing Association, the British Football Academy Africa provides a unique opportunity for our young footballing talent to develop as rounded young citizens and achieve their dreams of playing at the pinnacle of global football.

Lords Taverners South

Established in 2016, Lords Taverners South Africa (LTSA), builds on the noble tradition of Lord’s Taverners established in 1950 by a group of English cricketing enthusiasts. Supported by the Spirit Community Foundation and with the generous commitment of famous veterans of the South African cricket world, LTSA provides a unique opportunity for disabled and physically challenged youngsters from disadvantaged communities to participate in sport and recreation activities that would otherwise be closed to them. One of the most impactful LTSA initiatives is the provision of Table Cricket in schools and facilities catering for disabled and physically challenged scholars. The sheer joy and stimulation of playing Table Cricket is simply awesome and life enhancing for the players. LTSA also provides cricketing and sporting kit to physically challenged youngsters from disadvantaged communities, thereby helping to the disabled to become more able in their sporting lives.

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