Care For Wild – Wyntir, Blizzy, River & Pebble

The same situation occurred with Wyntir and River. River was originally part of a crash with Annie and Tyson, while Wyntir was part of a crash with Tana and Mabush. These friends were inseparable throughout rehabilitation and reintroduction. However, just prior to Wyntir giving birth, she separated from her friends, and they did not look for her. River’s situation was slightly different to Wyntir and more similar to Spirit; she gave birth in the middle of the crash and she too moved away from them the same day that Pebble was born. Annie tried to follow, but River wanted to be alone with her calf and kept pushing Annie away. Annie is one of the few rhinos who struggled with being separated from her friend, possibly because she was a little younger. It took her a while to adapt to life away from River, showing just how strong these bonds between the rhinos are. Annie was very happy when eventually River rejoined the group, and then when Annie had her baby in December 2024, she also separated. Now that both rhinos have their own calves, the two moms spend a lot of time together again with their babies, but the relationship is not quite the same; both now have a new focus in their lives.