Care for wild report: Fab 4

World Ranger Day, celebrated on July 31st, is an international day dedicated to honouring and celebrating the dedication and sacrifices of park rangers worldwide. The day also serves as a tribute to rangers who have lost their lives or been injured in the line of duty, raising awareness about the challenges they face and the global threats to the environment and wildlife. For Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, World Ranger Day holds immense importance and is a day of excitement, joy, and pride. Care for Wild Rangers work tirelessly to protect the rhino species from extinction and preserve biodiversity for future generations. Their unwavering commitment, passion, bravery, and sacrifices are acknowledged and celebrated on this day. This World Ranger Day, Care for Wild proudly and humbly acknowledged 3270 days without incursions, over 35,000 km patrolled, and 78,480 hours of providing protection. In this month’s update, we take a moment to honour and thank the Rangers who protect and care for Spirit, Grey, Lilli and Jemu. Now that they are walking in the reserve with buffalo, the area to protect is significantly more challenging. These dedicated rangers tirelessly guard them 24/7, ensuring their safety and well-being, but their role goes beyond that. They also serve as attentive carers, continuously monitoring their behaviour, individual nuances and interactions with the other rhinos. These Rangers know this crash as well as they know their own families and we are so proud and grateful to have them at Care for Wild.