Care For Wild: Moms and Babies

Wyntir, Rainbow, River, and Sage are all doing very well. How absolutely amazing that they are already walking with their second calves! Since rejoining the crash, River and Sage have integrated well. As the youngest calf, Sage is surprisingly brimming with confidence. She is fearless and eager to explore the world with all her curious innocence. The confidence of the calves born at Care for Wild is simply wonderful to behold. Unlike the orphan rhinos, who are very unsure without their Moms to guide them, these calves have their mothers and live fearlessly under their protection.

Both Rainbow and Sage simply adore playing with the other calves, and their mothers are very trusting, allowing the other Moms to also watch over them. In fact, Twinkle was seen with Rainbow and her own calf, Coco, only the other day. Timbi has taken both Blizzy and Pebble under her wing, along with her own calf, since Wyntir and River gave birth to their second calves. We really have the #SweetestRhinoCrash and family who look out for each other.