Care For Wild: Moms and Babies

Very exciting news for Wyntir this month as we celebrate the birth of her second calf! Wyntir went into labour on Tuesday, March 19th. Although the calf was breech, Wyntir was able to deliver without complications. We are so incredibly proud of how far Wyntir has come. The baby has been given the name Rainbow, or Mushankozazane in Siswati. Heavy rains and sun created a rainbow over the place where she was born, making it a very fitting name. It not only honors our rainbow nation but also carries hope for the future, for both rhinos and people. Save rhinos, save people, save tomorrow. Just over two years ago, Wyntir made history by giving birth to her first calf, marking a milestone in rhino conservation. Blizzy was born to Wyntir and Storm, becoming the first calf globally born naturally to both parents orphaned from poaching. When Wyntir gave birth to Rainbow, she again isolated and left Blizzy with Annie and Tetelo for five days, before returning to collect her first daughter and introducing her to her new sister! We think that River might also be expecting her second calf so Rhino Monitors are observing her closely.