Care For Wild: Lili, Grey and Jemu

For rhino orphans like Lilli, Grey and Jemu who have already been released or are further along in the rewilding program, regular weighing is no longer logistically feasible. Care for Wild has implemented alternative methods and data collection techniques to monitor the health and development of these rhinos.

Daily health checks are conducted by the Rhino Monitors, who perform visual assessments of the rhinos, logging various indicators on EarthRanger such as overall health score, body condition, faecal consistency, and tick load. Additionally, a caregiver conducts a more thorough health assessment on a weekly basis. Striking a delicate balance between monitoring rehabilitated and released orphans and allowing the rewilding process to unfold is crucial.

This comprehensive approach ensures that the well-being of the rhinos is closely monitored, even without the regular weight assessments. By employing a range of health metrics and regular checks, Care for Wild continues to support the successful transition of these rhinos to their natural habitat.

Jemu was flagged by Rhino Monitors for having lost condition. This occurrence is not uncommon during this time of the year, as supplementary feeding shifts more towards natural grazing, and the nutritional content of the grasses varies. To address this, Jemu is currently receiving additional support in the form of Lucerne and pellets to aid in regaining the weight she has lost.

Grey is currently walking with Robyn and Satara. He keeps his distance from Baloo and Tank as they establish dominance, but Grey is a silent force. Growing rapidly, he will undoubtedly challenge the older bulls one day soon.