Care For Wild: Daisy and Modjadji

Rhino orphans undergoing rehabilitation and in the initial stages of rewilding undergo regular weight assessments. Caregivers employ these crucial metrics for various purposes. Maintaining an accurate weight record for each orphan enables the team to closely monitor the individual rhino’s growth, ensuring that they are progressing as expected. Sudden weight loss or stagnation may not be easily discernible in these large animals, but it can be indicative of underlying health issues. This information empowers caregivers to tailor feeding regimes specifically to meet each orphan’s unique needs.
Weights play a pivotal role in determining the amount of milk a bottle-fed orphan should receive, aiding in the careful monitoring of their transition during the weaning process. Keeping weight records up-to-date and accurate is paramount, as it allows the veterinary team to calculate precise dosage rates when administering medications or darting the rhinos. By utilising this comprehensive approach, caregivers can ensure the well-being and successful reintegration of rhino orphans into their natural habitat

Daisy is now 24 months old and weighs: 454kg!

Modjadji continues to explore the new terrain of her mountain camp, easily climbing the steep inclines. From here she watches her rhinos friends below.